I'm Not Just Another Business Coach!

I am qualified Accountant with 20 years experience working with some of Australia's most successful Companies.


I founded Boss Business Coaching because i have a firm belief that education not only opens your mind, but also expands your thinking to turn passion into profit.


Over my 20 year career I have seen business owner after business owner struggle to make their business profitable, and unable to create the lifestyle they thought their business would provide them because they lacked financial literacy and business management skills.


Numbers may not seem sexy but it is the most important thing you will ever learn in your business and will set you up to make power choices at every turn in your business journey.


My positive attitude, together with my determination, passion and drive to not give up in the face of setbacks has seen me develop a reputation for being a trusted business advisor who gives good, sound advice.


My hard work, dedication and passion is also being recognised as i have been nominated for Telstra businesswomen of the year 2020.


I offer a range of services from the 90 day program, business memberships and 1:1 coaching all with one goal in mind, and that is to empower, educate and inspire small business to reach their full potential in business.


I look forward to sharing my skills and knowledge with you all so you can build a wildly successful business that business you love.



Yours Truly

Alex Todorovic




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