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Business Coaching is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results – in fact, some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on coaches. Partnering with Boss means , you’ll get expert guidance and the fit for purpose advice to ensure you achieve all your business goals.

During our coaching sessions, we will set clear goals and create action by action plans to build a wildly successful business that generates REAL profits.

By focusing on the present and future, you’ll be empowered with knowledge that you can immediately apply in your business to grow your bottom line and be supported every step of the way.

Hi I'm Alex

I am a Chartered Accountant and a Business Improvement Specialist and I see so many business owners struggling to make the type of money they are capable of because they don't understand financial literacy and how to interpret their business performance.


 I’ll bring 20years of experience in Accounting and business management.

You bring your goals (and an open mind!)…

Together, we’ll develop an action plan and teach you how to turn your business into a wild success that will translate into more customers, profits and cash flow.

By learning financial literacy (yes the non-sexy stuff) you will begin to make the right moves in business.

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I'm Not Just Another Business Coach!

I am qualified accountant with 20 years experience working with some of Australia's most successful Companies

"I have been working with Alex for a few months now and she has been extremely helpful in setting goals & managing processes within my business. Cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you Alex"

paula joanna siudek

"Alex is dedicated, passionate and one hard working lady. She is always looking to get the best results for her clients. i have seen her in action and you can see through the passion in her voice she cares for her clients. highly recommend."

Robbie Gianoncelli

"Highly recommend Alex from Boss Business Coaching. She has helped me grow so much in my business & see a potential that I never thought was possible. "

Yaz Nici

"Love working with Alex, she is always positive & inspirational, & we make progress in leaps & bounds each session. Highly recommended."

Dominika Debska

Myths About Business Coaching And The Real Story!


Myth No. 1

“Coaching is expensive and I need to save money.”

The reality? Running a healthy, well‑managed business leads to both cost savings and growing profits.Coaching is about learning how to identify inefficiencies in your company and learning how to fix them, so you can save more in the long‑term. Not fixing these problems means profit is leaking away every day.

Myth No. 2

“I don’t have time for this. I’m too busy running my business.”

Most entrepreneurs spend their time fixing problems and fighting fires. But, by not taking the time to get on top of fundamental challenges, you’re accepting that your problems will continue and probably get worse.“A business coach can help you identify and resolve the root cause to get out of this vicious cycle. "I structure my clients’ time so they make the most progress within a set and manageable period—usually, two to three hours per fortnight.”

Myth No. 3

“I already know what’s wrong in my business.”

Visible problems are usually symptoms of bigger issues that can only be identified through a careful, thorough assessment.Don’t waste your money treating symptoms that will come back if the root cause is not identified and addressed. A business coach will take a holistic view of your business, find the underlying cause of the problem and then coach you on how to fix it.

Myth No. 4

“Coaching won’t change anything in my company.”

Nothing will change in a business unless you’re convinced of the benefits of the change and know how to make it happen. The right business coach can help you better understand your business. That will enable you to make changes that will have a positive impact on your company’s performance.

Myth No. 5

“I don’t need another advisor. I need someone to fix my problems.”

Think of coaching as a learning experience. The goal is to transfer knowledge and know‑how to you and your management team.


I have helped many entrepreneurs and business owners take their business to the next level, gain freedom and live a life they love, and run a business they love too!

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