Learn How To Make Your Business More Profitable (Without Stress, Confusion or Crazy Overwhelm)

This Program is a Must Attend If...

# You’re feeling STUCK in your business and you know that having a business plan will not only boost your IMPACT, but also your ability to make the kind of MONEY you know you’re capable of making.

# You want to be empowered to make informed business decisions by having strong financial literacy skills.

# You want to get FULLY up to speed on what’s working RIGHT NOW (instead of second-guessing whether or not the strategies you’ve been trying are actually going to work).

# You want clarity and direction to create the clear action steps to create the financial and business success you seek.

# You want to learn real life business skills that you quickly implement into your business to generate more money in your business.

# You want an easy to follow step by step system that makes building business plans easy.




# You will CREATE the step by step plan to make more money.

# No more GUESSWORK you will have clarity and direction on where you are and where you are heading.

# Be clear on your offer and the prices you will set to generate real PROFITS.

# Take back CONTROL of your business with confidence.

# Be EMPOWERED to be self sufficient to create the financial and business prosperity you desire.

# Know exactly the VALUE your business delivers to customers.

# Acquire the financial literacy you need to move from struggle town to BOSS.


Learn why setting goals is important to business success and then using my templates set your 2020 business goals.

Learn how to use the SWOT analysis tool to build new profitable strategies to generate more money.

Learn why market research is important and how to collect data to help you make better business decisions that will grow your business.

Create your point of difference to demonstrate a strong value proposition to your market that translates into more sales and customers.

Define your WHY and Purpose that translates into clarity, direction to build long term sustainable success.

Develop your step by step plan that unlocks where to spend your time and energy to generate more profit.

This program offers a range of pricing calculators to take the guesswork out of price setting to help you easily set prices that deliver more profit.

Develop your action plan that connects your stakeholders, suppliers, customers, people and resources to meet your business goals.

Identify the 3 core areas of your business that you will focus your energy on to create more profit and cash flow for your business.

Learn how to generate new leads for your business and create the new lead generators to bring in sales.

Set out your clear marketing plan that will define clearly your value offer, your customer and how you will reach them the most cost effective way.

Learn financial literacy and how to assess the health of your business to start making the money you know you are capable of.

PRICING - 90 DAY Business Plan

Here at Boss we make it easy and affordable to learn and to build your PROFIT making business.



12 Business coaching videos
12 Action driven learnbooks
Create your 12 step business plan in 90 day



12 Business coaching videos
12 action driven learnbooks
Use our proven system to create your 12 step business plan in 90 day

Its the MBA for small business

Each week you will receive business coaching videos and action by action workbooks to apply your learning into action to get results.

A Note from Alex...

Hi Guys If you’re willing to invest just 90 days to get fully up to speed on the financial literacy and business planning skills you need to truly create the financial prosperity then I promise to reward your energy with my proven 12 step business process that will have you leapfrogging over your competitors. My goal for you? After 90 days is to have clarity, direction and the clear actions steps to take to create a business that you enjoy and that generates the profits and cash flow that enables you the lifestyle you desire. . .  I’ll help you make this a reality.


Boss Founder - Alex Todorovic

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an 12 week program.

You can follow along week by week with the videos and learnbooks.

The lessons will take one - three hours to go through each week, and implementation time will depend on the effort you put in.

Alternatively, you can go at your own pace, implement as you learn and listen [and re-listen!] as many times as you need. You have full access to the course materials for a whole year!.


Remember, once your business plan system is all set up, you’re going to have MORE time. You won’t be stressing about what to do and when.

I get it. Investing in yourself is scary, but here’s the thing. If you don’t bite the bullet and take action now, where will you be in six months? In a year?  Getting financial literacy skills and building your business plan will be a complete game changer when you know how to do it the right way, but when you don’t it’s a huge time and money suck.


I don’t want you to keep doing the same thing, and expecting different results. That’s why I’m offering my 6 monthly payment plan for just $150 per month you can finally learn and put into action plans that will change your business.

Now is the time to take action.

This course is the only one of its kind, not only will you learn through my videos but the weekly learn books you will receive will get you to apply that learning into action. This program is custom fit to your business and will build a business plan to maximize results in your business.


Many courses just teach you stuff but don't give you the tools to implement that learning into action. This is why BOSS is unique. I want you to see RESULTS not fluff.


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