Are you ready to build a wildly successful business you love in just 90 days?

- BOSS Founder Alex Todorovic 


A step by step business training and mentoring program designed to teach you how to build a highly profitable and wildly successful business with confidence in just 90 days.

Boost your business game with the 90 Day Program that teaches you how to make your business more profitable and successful.


You’ve been running a business now for a few years without seeing the growth, profitability or cashflow for all your hard work.


Running a profitable and successful small business can be EASY – with the right education, done-for-you business toolkit, and group coaching to keep you on track to build a wildly successful business in just 90 days.


When you Join my 90 Day program, you’ll receive all the strategies, tools, and coaching you need to improve your business situation to feel confident and empowered to implement the changes to reach the real financial success you desire.




Payable Monthly


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Hi I'm Alex,

Over my 20 year career as a Chartered Accountant and Process Improvement Specialist I have seen business owner after business owner struggle to make their business profitable, and unable to create the lifestyle they thought their business would provide them because they lacked financial literacy and business management skills. 

Numbers may not seem sexy but it is the most important thing you will ever learn in your business and will set you up to make power choices at every turn in your business journey. 

Not Just Another Business Coach

I'm Chartered Accountant and trusted business professional with over 20 years experience working for some of Australia's largest corporations.

Here’s how it works…

This program has been thoughtfully created to help you TAKE ACTION & GET RESULTS!


Each week i will release a masterclass that will teach you the financial literacy and business planning skills to reach you full potential in business.


Get instant access to my business toolkit that will teach you step by step how to build your action driven business plan to create more profits and cash flow.


Stay on track and get all the support you need with fortnightly coaching calls. We will work together to create your business & financial plan for success.

Interested? Keep reading to see how it works.


My step by step business toolkit and masterclasses will take the guesswork out of financial literacy and business planning. Take action with confidence to build a business that is wildly successful.

We start the program with goal setting , get clear on what you want to achieve in 2020 and then set the action steps to smash your goals.

In order to make money you need to create new profitable strategies, use my easy to follow tools to find where your new opportunities exist to start earning the type f money you're capable of.

Find your niche and then take it by storm, ill show you how to collect market research data to identify where you need to spend your time and energy to maximise your results.

In order to be successful in business today you need to have unique point of difference, use my tools and templates to identify what makes you special  to create your competitive advantage.

To achieve real success you need to define your WHY and Purpose. This will translates into clarity, direction to build a sustainable and profitable business. My step by step templates will cement your WHY.

Want to make more money? this module will uncover where you will invest your time to get the return on your business investment.

Businesses that don't set prices correctly having a higher chance of failure. Learn how to set prices with confidence using my pricing calculators to ensure your business makes healthy profits.

What is your business model for success?. Use my templates to craft your model that connects your stakeholders, suppliers, customers, people and resources together to ensure your design your business for success.

Do you want more leads for your business?, i will teach you how to create lead magnets and sales funnels that will attract more customers in your business to grow in 2020.

Use my step by step marketing plan template to define your market, customers and promotions.

Learn how to grow your bottom. I will teach you how to read financial statements and understand numbers to assess the performance of your business and give you inside tips how to improve your business profitability.

In module 12 you will why cash is queen, i will teach you how to read your balance sheet and ill give you my inside strategies to drive more cash into your business.

I'll be with you every step of the way.


We will meet fortnightly over the 12 week period via Zoom. My coaching calls will center around the training modules released and together, we’ll piece together your action plan to build a highly profitable and successful small business.

During the live group coaching, I’ll answer all your business and module questions (that can’t be answered in a per-recorded course.

What does this mean for you? Constant support throughout your 90 day business improvement journey

If you’re not completely satisfied with the Program after 30 days – I’ll happily refund your investment.

"I have started doing the 90 day business coaching program with Alex and I must say I'm loving it! In order to succeed and grow in any business you really need to know your product/service, your competition and your goals. This program helps you see clearly who you are, where you are, what's around you and what steps you need to take to get where you want to be. A journey of self-discovery in a way. A MUST for any serious business owner! "

Anna Beltrametti

"Alex is dedicated, passionate and one hard working lady. She is always looking to get the best results for her clients. i have seen her in action and you can see through the passion in her voice she cares for her clients. highly recommend."

Robbie Gianoncelli

"Very impressed with Alex, the systems that she implements into her 90 day business plan is brilliant"

Tanya Dodd
CEO Chamber of Commerce Karratha

"I would definitely recommend Alex from Boss Business Coaching, her positive attitude and extensive experience gives you so much confidence in your business. Take advantage of her 90 day business plan program! 4 weeks in and she’s already given us so much clarity on where we are going to take the business."

David Sutton
Lotus Legal

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an 12 week program.

You can follow along week by week with the videos and learnbooks.

The lessons will take one - three hours to go through each week, and implementation time will depend on the effort you put in.

Alternatively, you can go at your own pace, implement as you learn. You have lifetime access to the course materials.


Remember, once your business plan system is all set up, you’re going to have MORE time. You won’t be stressing about what to do and when.

I get it. Investing in yourself is scary, but here’s the thing. If you don’t bite the bullet and take action now, where will you be in six months? In a year?  Getting financial literacy skills and building your business plan will be a complete game changer when you know how to do it the right way, but when you don’t it’s a huge time and money suck.


I don’t want you to keep doing the same thing, and expecting different results. That’s why I’m offering my payment plan option.

Now is the time to take action.

Many courses just teach you stuff but don't give you the tools to implement the learning into action.

This is why BOSS is unique. I want you to see RESULTS not fluff.

This course is the only one of its kind, not only will you learn through my videos and workbooks but you apply that learning into action.


This program was made for small business with a turnover of $2milion or less per year. This suits eCommerce, retail, trade and services, professionals, hospitality and construction industries to name a few.


3 x Instalments


Payable Monthly


One Time Payment


(Save $300)


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